Magnet Chassis Saver Gloss Black Rust Prevention Paint (Gallon)

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Chassis Saver is a high solids, VOC compliant, single component chassis paint and underbody coating specially formulated to permanently stop automotive and truck corrosion without the use of primers or topcoats.

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Magnet Paint Chassis Saver is a high solids, VOC compliant, single component chassis paint and underbody coating specially formulated to permanently stop automotive and truck corrosion without the use of primers or topcoats. Apply directly over tightly adhered rust after only marginal surface preparation using a wire brush and/or hand-scraper to remove loose scale and rust particulate. Optimum results can be achieved by sandblasting. Chassis Saver bonds to blasted and rusty metal to form a rock hard yet flexible, glaze-like, non-porous finish that won't crack, chip, flake or peel. Completely unaffected by road salt, gasoline, diesel fuel, oils, battery acids, hydraulic fluids, solvents, chemicals, or corrosives. 

Coverage: 350 to 400 sq. ft. per gallon approximately. Coverage will vary depending on surface profile, application technique and porosity of substrate. Material losses during mixing and application will vary and must be taken into consideration when estimating job requirements. Due to variations in application techniques and substrates, the approximated coverage is not guaranteed but only an estimate.

Recommended thickness: 2 mils minimum, up to 8 mils total

GENERAL MIXING & HANDLING: Loosen closure carefully; container may be under slight pressure. Stir liquid gently until uniformly mixed. If can has been shaken, allow to sit 60 minutes before opening. Never work directly from the Chassis Saver can unless the entire contents will be used in a single painting session. Using small paper cups or coffee scoop, withdraw only enough material from original container for use in one application. After withdrawal, gently pour a small amount of Magnet S8 Reducer (just enough to cover surface of paint) over the remaining portion of Chassis Saver in the original can. DO NOT mix this solvent into the Chassis Saver. Let it remain on top until you are ready to use the product again. This procedure is called a “solvent float” and will prevent air from coming in contact with the material which will cause premature spoilage. NOTE: Chassis Saver will glue steel together including the lid to its own can. Reseal can immediately by draping plastic food wrap across the open can before pounding lid back on. Material withdrawn from original container should be stored separately and used promptly. NEVER RETURN ANY UNUSED PORTION OF MATERIAL TO THE ORIGINAL CONTAINER. Never allow can to sit opened when not in use. Keep containers tightly closed to prevent contact with moisture vapor which will shorten shelf life and cause thickening and gelling. Refrigeration of unused portion will help extend shelf life.

GENERAL APPLICATION & REDUCING: Surfaces must be free from oil, dirt, grease and other contaminants. To avoid surface defects, bubbling and/or blistering, metal must be completely free from all moisture prior to coating application. Apply a minimum of 2 coats on bare steel and up to 4 coats over previously rusted surfaces. Allow 3 to 8 hours between coats depending on temp and humidity. Each coat should be dry to touch with no tackiness before applying next coat. Chassis Saver is a moisture cure finish which when applied too heavy will have a tendency to bubble while curing. Avoid bubbling by applying thin coats only. Higher temps and humidity will shorten drying time. Low temp and humidity will lengthen dry. Do not apply Chassis Saver if atmospheric temperature is below 50°F. Do not rush to apply coats faster than recommended. Never use lacquer thinner as a reducer for Chassis Saver or to wipe surfaces prior to painting. BRUSH

APPLICATION: If brush drag is present or for better flow and leveling, add up to 10% MAGNET S8 Reducer. Apply thin, even coats using an inexpensive nylon brush.

SPRAY APPLICATION: All other coatings, lacquer thinner or alcohol containing solvents must be thoroughly flushed from spray guns and hoses prior to spray application of Chassis Saver. A final flush using Magnet S8 Reducer or xylene helps avoid unexpected results. Reduce up to 15% using S8 Reducer. Apply medium-wet coats while maintaining a gun distance of 12 to 14 inches. Spray tip size should be: .013 to .017, HVLP cup pressure: 6 to 8 psi. EXTENDED RECOAT: For films cured over 24 hours, sand using 400-grit abrasive to remove gloss before recoating.

CLEAN-UP: Clean tools and equipment immediately with S8 Reducer or xylene. Do not leave material in spray guns, pressure pots or hoses. If allowed to harden on equipment, use industrial paint stripper for clean-up.

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